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St. Anger Fuel (Universal Music 2008)


   For no more further introductions as the following album that you might loved to hate or reversed in control must be the ultimate legendary quartet masters of Metal - Metallica but this is actually about the fanatic fans of them around the world responding to the majestic greatness and fame off Lars Ulrich and co. get after these long time wandering onto the vast ocean of Heavy Metal that kept evolving and turned to something new and different or on this case more extreme or strange as the audiences shall getting more shocks when suddenly had this apprentice record that sounded straight in Japanese Rock Music perceptions of how the V.A Metal-Ikka (a tribute to Metallica) by eleven J-Metal bands really would be a new experience to our whole small world before James Hatfield and friends success to conquering the Heavy Metal World through some of their best releasing albums so far and this is proving that Japanese also didn't wanted to be left behind for paying their tribute to the King of Metal (even) in the most awkward way happens. From the crushing Thrash-core performance of 9mm Parabellum Bullet covering Motorbreath or the headbanging clutter of Sad But True performed by 10-Feet to the most outrageous Punk-Ska Metal crazy but respectable version of Creeping Death by Razors Edge and Beat Crusaders' greeting Pop-Electro beats on the classic number One - which sounded really insane but awesome. The fanatic fans wearing all blacks and ready to headbanging will not going to get disappointed for having this album on their bag and pockets. Find a stereo system and crank this motherfucker tribute up, Kirk(u) Hammett(u)-san !