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Spider Jack Winners (Puzzlemusik 2009)


   Athens, Greece on the new millennium where most of the days colored by demonstrations to another demonstration due to the austerity problems and the higher non-trusted visions over the locals and national governments which almost dragging the country of Gods and Goddesses into a total failure nation just like other developing countries of the world after the crash of the economy arouns Europe and the rest of the world that you can captures essentially in blurry themes related to the Goth/Punk/semi-Electro and distinctive beats non-cooperatives form of music made by these Greeko Punkers naming themselves - New Zero God; meet the line-up of Mike Pougounas (vocals, keyboards), Harris Stavrakas (bass), Mike "Jabbar" Tzavaras (drums) and Akis Nikolaidis (guitars) whom sounded just like the odd combinations between Iggy Pop co-fronting the Lou Reed's Goth-chestra bands or more deeper Pop-upper-ground version of The Stooges playing with The Missions UK on a short tour. New Zero God's Fun is a Four Letter Word brought us the essential Goth-Pop tinged beats within its original balancing of both eighties and nineties touches for the next generations of this Modern day catastrophic kisses and romance surrounded by the flammable less safety pins and mass-reactions ready to consuming the whole world in minutes by angst and uncertainty. The foggy future of the past and the echoing tracks of Lap of The Universe, Dead Inside, Kiss The Witch or Strangest of Fruits truly - could making you drunk and never wake up again if you wanted to leave this stupid world behind in quiet ...

Fun is a Four Letter Word: