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Southern Belles (Saint Jude Records 2010)


Red lips and shaking hips truly followed thus mighty combinations of Blues Rock, Hard Rock and Southern Soul and British Pub-Rock off the musical performance from the London rockers band Saint Jude highlighting their lead female singer with a very dashing sensual vocals Lynne Jackaman as well as a founding member along with drummer Lee Cook and the rest of the group members: Marcus Bonfanti (guitars), Matt Gest (keyboards) to Scott Wiber (bass guitar) as they're releasing the debut album entitled Diary of A Soul Fiend naming themselves as Gig of The Week version from Classic Rock magazine as the band touring to play most of the good old damn rock festivals around Western Europe as promoting the record as well. Knock yourself out by cranking the tracks for Saint Jude album in excessive volume and feel how the grooves flowing like honey and milk mixes on your ice tea and let the soulful and hot female vocals with simple good skills and musical techniques that firing up the dimmed quiet evening on your living room as the songs like Garden of Eden, Soul on Fire, Down this Road, Pleased to Meet you and Parallel Life emerges and rocking the entire family hour of relaxation - rocking the suburb like Blues Rock plus Soul attacks that didn't give a care !

Diary of a Soul Fiend: