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Snowflakes Merry Wish (Not On Label 2006)


   Suffering from his unlucky past life as having a jaundice caused by liver disease to been an eye-witness of the murder of his daddy by his unfaithful mom and her boyfriend as the young Billy Lenz captured and lock inside the attic for years until one day his mom coming up and molested him sexually resulting her for having a baby girl - Bill's sister named Agnes. The insane and angry boy with yellow skin then attacking his mom, her boyfriend and even little Agnes and killed some of them in the process, horrifically seen on this holiday Slasher-flick of horror on Black Christmas. Later on, Billy becomes an urban legend as himself being jailed inside the mental asylum but as time passes by he manage to escaping by killing the guards way back to his old house which now turning to sorority house and seeking for revenge. The unlucky girls living on Billy Lenz's old house - now Delta Alpha Kappa are playing by some yummy casts like Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Katie Cassidy or Kristen Cloke racing to surviving the serial killing teams of siblings both Billy and Agnes are done their parts slaughtering people inside and outside the house. The old retro Christmas music compilations to the most creepy compositions tones by Shirley Walter like Billy Kills Santa or I'll Be Home For Chrsitmas for this movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Music Score must be a good choices for classic turning creepy after being manage to choose as some tracks accompanying the Slashing film to make your spine's shaken in cold; terrific tunes off the Russian composer Pyotr ilyich Tchaikovsky like Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy or Waltz of The Flower to some other classic christmas tones like Carol of The Bells by The Roger Wagner Chorale and (Everybody's waitin' for) The Man with a Bag performed by Kay Starr really makes everything scary by experiencing some nut-case eating an eyeball or ugly maniac girl sanpping someone's neck like twitch - resulting the last conclusion for a survival after the fights and the shocking death of psychopaths before the Christmas Eve ends ...