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Sleepwalking (Morr Music 2007)


   The member of Electric President named Ben Cooper doing his solo project of Indie Folk-Pop that sounded a little bit sweet, haunting and also wiser – as this Jacksonville’s local product choosing the new name for its alias after seeing a ripped flyer about plastic surgery with the word-sign of Radical Face stands there. Ben’s Radical Face soon becoming little-less famous but keeps staying on the internet’s myspace page to the local venues from mouth to mouth info that concepts debut album coming in release under the title Ghost; which having the stories about a house in many different perspective not a promotionally too thick based sounds for anything but some tracks will be used on some occasional advertisements later like Nikon or Chevrolet as the results of great collaborators between Ben, Mark Hubbard and Alex Kane for making the house concepts of artistic in an album with the atmosphere of gladness dusk of silence brings unnamed peaceful meaning for a lone-hearted wolf or man to contemplating further using his senses as the background music of Let The River In, Glory, Haunted, Wrapped in Piano Strings and Along The Road to Welcome Home feels like your mommy’s biggest warmest hug that awaits there behind the front door for you – the second you arrived and comes in. Smiles My Friends, Smiles …

Radical Face: