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Sangria Murked Bong (Warner Bros. Records 2000)


   Just like having the last Johnny Walker drink while someone let this recording plays on the stereo which sounded like an annoying affection to you or anyone else had the background music from drunken Kid Rock or his DJ rapping the Hardcore tones within the Modern Nu-Skool attitude Hip Hop that emerging between awesomeness and fails that giving you some kind of headache. Next but not least, still a bit annoying but also making one wanted to have sexual intercourse after couple minutes hearing thus beginner tracks like the stupid Grimecore Don't Speak English to the popular-flicks off 7th Grade or Main Chick before then you realized that this is coming form the album from a group or project named Brougham as the side-musical of experimented sounds formed by Jake Slater from Snake River Conspiracy and Luke "Sick" Oakson - combining the distinctive Black music beats off Gangsta Rap, Hip Hop and Rn'B and twisted them with more heavier distorted riffs fromheavy Metal and Rock as the Nu Metal sub-genre slowly becomes the new demands to dealing with wider market for selling your energetic music like this record Le Cock Sportif. Not only the front cover that displaying hot white woman in a tight red dress but you shall finding the inside artworks fueled with her girlfriends whom looking blonder, sexier and nastier as much too damn inviting as the music itself. So, no matter that you will drooling hard or got the boner after this record listening just be sure that you already know your way home  or the nearest strip-clubs for dealing with your overloaded libido caused by Brougham duo !

Le Cock Sportif: