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Roscoe Camp (Bella Union 2006)


   Progressive Psychedelic and Artistic Folk Rock with the tendencies of stepping on a Pop-tarts in some parts really assures that Tim Smith (vocals, piano, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars), Eric Pulido (electric guitars, 12 strings acoustic guitar and keyboards), Eric Nichelson (keyboards, piano, acoustic guitar and backing vocals), Paul Alexander (bass, double bass, piano, bassoon) and McKenzie Smith (drums, percussions) are some of the most talented unit from the Midwestern parts of US soil’s Indie Rock bands out there whose daring to exploring certainty among uncertain not just because most of the members are also backing vocalizations for this second recording – The Trials of Van Occupanther but along the session for more additions to the touchy sound of the French horn by Linda Salisbury or Josh Ello’s violin performance as the producer for the album hold by Tim Smith and his band Midlake; one would definitely never be afraid again to singing a loud even before everyone mocks them for an ugly voice or performance but through the particular Autumn spirits at the end of November – people will realize that everybody got their own talents and by this occasion times, Midlake truly wanted you all to know that yourself can be much much better if you let it evolves as the small dreams are finally on your reach within Young Bride or Branches or even Bandits shall singing together in a Folk-Rock choir led by Roscoe as then perhaps that We Gathered In Spring and Chasing After Deer.
   The sweetest melodies made by these Denton, TX group flirting us with their realizations towards the search for beauty while finding ourselves turned out to be the one we have been looking for in this life by desperate. The essential mellowed harmony vocals shall capturing your interest for this initiative recording from this group relaxing your evening up slow. 

The Trial of Van Occupanther: