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Party Rooftop Jingle (Mad Decent 2013)


   Seeing the sky looks so bright under the giant moonlight; colder weather of Winter cannot hiding the boom-beat box blasts for inviting everyone to do the party rocking hard with friends or just being crazy sexy fun after sexing up your partner in crime – mixing eggnog with more alcohols and smoking thus weeds high as the stereo got its marked up moment playing the compilation remix of A Very Decent Christmas confronting the boredom with more tickling blend of Dubsteps, Bhangra, Electronics and Hip Hop among others with the classy performance by Gent & Jawns presenting Turn Up Ye Merry  Gentlemen or Diplo doing his Frosty bounce (featuring Angger Dimas and Nicky Da B) to Juyen Bulba bringing the enclosure dancing beats through Super Jam (Deck The Halls) either for exploring the more spaces to sharing good feelings among others and celebrates the birth of Christ by forcing him to dancing nuts to make his own birthday party not sucks !

   You might not some clubbers or Dance-heads fanatics but you surely, would smiling stupid following the beats or just calming and praised some blessings while listening to Mitch Murder great choice track compiled to this album by Mad Decent.