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Paraphiliak Lyssa (Xtreem Music 2015)


   Psychological penetrator for Thrasher Metal of the Greek pride long-term underground scene really would making your eyes popped once this band’s newest album Anatomy of an Angel blasting the uncontrollable noise chaos rhythms through your stereo system – splitting your grandparents’ heads open as the slicing faster and dangerous curves of speeding riffs and destructive slasher melodies are slaughtering everyone everywhere it can through air surrounds; Benefactor Decease of Athens, Attica is your ultimate answer for ending the reigning regime of your awkward parents whose keeps forbidding you from doing whatever you like as long as you staying in their house but not anymore cause within Zissis Coroner’s slicing guitar riffs or Vaggos “Pgc Technical Arrogance” for chaotic drumming or Panos “cut-throat” Toufexidis’ rebellious screams for vengeance against the one whom oppressing you and the rest of the young for quite some times shall be paid their dues tonight !

   The Finest Form of Body Modification or Subsistence for Regeneretic Impulse may be the tools for killing them after midnight Thrashing up your room and around the kitchen like all hell loose cannon doing mosh-pit to Anatomy of an Angel. 

No more conspiracy ! 

Benefactor Decease: