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Palpitation Aloha (Mint Records 2016)


Someone from the media once said that they're must be a pure Pop music for noun people probably, did make sense because the band from Halifax but then - moving away to Montreal, Canada and easily naming themselves Monomyth for releasing the recording of the group's full studio album entitled Happy Pop Family that did sounded like the essential Alternative Rock from the midst of nineties era into the more Jangle Pop and Folkish Rock with Goth noise touches clinging in between its harmony licks while the riffs and refrains moved to the more straight slow-Pop Punk in a glitter fun domains made really creatively well by the band. Happy Pop Family consisting of the several tracks like Puppet Creek, Re:Lease Life (Place 2 go), Go Somewhere, Cool Blue Hello, Falling in Love and New Year's Resolve. Sounded a little like the similar version of Lou Reed mixed with Dyslexia Heart-tinged for the urban listeners ready to adding some more likes to everyone whom had played this record on their stereo.

Good grab Pop-Indie music this month !

Happy Pop Family: