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Omhaidakhandi (Mercury Records 1993)


   The other side of Disco-Punk with plenty New Wave and Electro-Rock influences infected this nineties album of the German singer, song-writer, actress and Godmother of Punk figure Catharina "Nina" Hagen as she's trying to breath to survived the era of simplicity where Rock Music would gladly evolving to the returning of Punk-Rock effects and distorted honesty brought by Seattle Sound as the new flag-holder of Rock Music for the future but even though the facts cannot stopping this middle ages femme rockers from giving her conceptual recording via Revolution Ballroom which sounded really sexy and arousing just like how rock album supposed to be made in for thus lovers whom already bored with single handed pucker tricks or three chords louder noise for having this intimated blends of The Sweet/Billy Idol-like sparks with Pop-Metal Broadway mixed creatively creates by Ms. Nina Hagen. Along with several good back-up musicians like Phil Manzanera (guitars, drum programming), Andy McKay (saxophone), Livingstone Brown (bass) to Olle Romo and Dave Stewart dueting on keyboards, programming and producers among others led by the infamous Queen of Art Noise Nina - cracking those tracks of Rock N' Roll dancing beats with all the melodious achievements and artistic sensuality tied up to one; regenerating the next generation wanted more exclusive back to back touches with the inner sexuality and intimated Rock music in private enjoying the moans and the lists of tracks such as Pollution Pirates, King of Hearts, L'Amore or Pillow Talk and Berlin.

As your kisses and smiles haunts me my dear Euro-Pop rocks ...

Revolution Ballroom: