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Nope Kitten Invasion (Buygore 2015)


Either you in loving with odd re-mixes or just carving your addictions over Dubstep as a product of Tel Aviv, Israel nowadays – then, Asaf Borger or Borgore must be one of your ultimate choice around whom delivering more suspense, thrilling chills and happening beats cause not only that he’s drumming for a local Heavy Metal band there and already known wider by public as one of the good producer from Israel as Borgore coming up with pride even though lots of the media claiming that this Israelites DJ ruining the essential points of Dubstep by too much mixing it with other elements that didn’t quite maintaining how Dubstep stays the same as an underground Dance Music. Listening to Can’t Squad with us or Lindsay Lohan (a collaboration with Jauz) to BLVKSTAR & OOkay feat. Borgore on Blow Your Mind or Borgore & Dan Farber towards Dolphin Attack; for that one can exactly knew about the truth of thus Gangsta/Dubstep coalition which sounded like Borgore didn’t (honestly) destroying Dubstep only for his own money-oriented purposes.

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