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Noise Abatement (Independent 2002)


   Your freaking brain must be a terrible thing to taste and you shall finding that phrase a little bit too much disturbing with the mental struggle, corruption, politics issue and society pressures piled up in one giant shitty problems affected the band from Sosnowiec, Cracow drilling you and the rest of the audiences with their Technical Death Metal with Progressive edge along with the jam session between melodic licks and grinding beats through out the album Mind Regress as the quartet of Jarozlaw Pietzryk, Sebastian Synowiec, Leszek Szewczuwianiec and Roman Leszczynski teaming up themselves and would definitely with anger and dignity enslaving you all by their crushing music. As the brutality meets the melodious groovy of Extreme Metal performances as you wished to have and hold right now - the Polish aggressive band Never relentlessly slicing their ways to cutting your hearing and slaughtered the stereo system fast and merciless within the explosive tracks like Devilish Simplicity, Birthright, Dead Before Died, Bleeding Heart or Unnamed ... Unleashed The Chaos.

Grooves that burnt the wicked and the ignorant slow ...

Mind Regress: