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Nocturnal Queen (Prophecy Productions 1996)


   Referred as Dark Orchestral of apocalyptic Folk Metal from Germany - Empyrium which mixing their Symphonic Metal and Doomy sounds atmosphere towards their soften effects of Black Metal performed by the duo of Andreas Bach (synthesizers) and Ulf Theodore Schwadorf on all-strings, vocals and percussion as a band forged in sacred midst Winter just like a seducing scent of fortress in the mist as the chanting spell lyrics through Moonromantics, Dreamskies, Ordain'd to Thee as the Sun of Autumn getting slowly and slowly adrift to the sunset of ethereal plunged as the last circle completes the higher force of hibernates of Sun God to then - reborn again.
   The Yearning or Autumn Grey Views emerges with the help of Nadine Motler on flute; spreading the harmonies of magical once again blends onto heart of Empyrium via The FranconianWoods in Winter's Silence.
   Smell the spells of frozen forest where the creatures dwelling on it still temporary asleep through A Wintersunset ...

A Wintersunset: