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Nightshopping (Universal / V2 2005)


   Reaching the shorter times of the shore on recognition and success after well-known by the worldwide media and begin to gathers more fan-based falling in love within their strange kind of musical performance that is the results of a blending of the newer Indie Rock and constant creativity made by these Rock band duo from Antwerp, Belgium - dEUS. Shaking hand to the master creators of Tom Barman (vocals, guitars) and Klaas Janzoon (violins, keyboards) and this fourth recording studio releases entitled Pocket Revolution that really tighten up the straps for uniting the scattered ideas about the modern day catastrophe as it re-captures already via Pink Floyd's Animal or Alternative music for Doomsday and polished by dEUS onto something simple, non-violent but still shall telling the truth to us about our old bad habits turning to worse and how we granted technology and prosperity by sacrificing the only thing that we can never re-inventing back or re-build which is the planet Earth itself. This album collectively trying to raised your concerns back about the late steps fronts to future while our left behind footprints only leaving devastation and suffering sooner to hit on us as well as the track-lists on this recording sounds of pure Indie Rock telling at least, some of the convenient issues that slowly can affecting the next generations of mankind on Stop-Start Nature, 7 Days 7 Weeks, Cold Sun of Circumstance, The Real Sugar or Nothing Really Ends - feels like a sad confession of softer distortions of Grungy Funk Pop for bad-times in a very good reasons !

Pocket Revolution: