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Nar Ingen Nar Aill (Beklagerforlaget 2016)


Never too late to discovering something new or different on Rock Music and for this occasion; we got Beklagerforlaget - the Norwegian band whose playing their native Rock with local dialect some might considered to call this "a Tronder-Rock" on the releasing album of Helvete Er Et Sted I Nord-Trondelag or something translated as Hell is a place on North Trondersk not actually, a Heavy Metal record. The band which consisting of Fridjtof (guitars and vocals), Harry (drums), Fredrik (guitar) and Eirik (bass and vocals) seems to playing kinds of olde Rock classic with the intensive touch of traditional heritage tied a bound to Norse culture, colder weather and more beers or if you not trying to mentions something else - pagan romance themed relates to these slow rock tunes recorded here like Anna Ifra Nordigard, Symfoni, Mysterium, Betonglabyrint to E Du Rassert ? sounded strange and ancient like the ensemble of the dwarfs from the Hobbit adventure, in their true modern ways of performances - like a semi-nationalistic Pop-Rock classic venue for stopping the migrations of non-Norway music from abroad by the Norse supremacy group or something like that !

Helvete Er Et Sted I Nord-Trondelag: