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Micropenis (Earstorm 2014)


   Even if it's not sounded as evil as it gets like the main ideas of these duet of Pendulum's members side-project by Gareth McGrillen and Rob Swire as producers, programmers and music creators that might has taken Electronic Dance Music onto the newer level not only for the masses but also for the closed group under the cult society of being trance-ing up and down serving the beats and the darker sounds like the one which had been produced by Knife Party on their first debut recording release - Abandon Ship; that filled with various strictly semi-commercial tracks and the amount of sarcasm of mixes on both modern House, Electro-Pop, Dubstep to Rave-Sinisters into lyrics or just the titles such as Boss Mode, Resistance, EDM Trend Machine or D.I.M.H and more. Filthy and dirty enough to starting your dance night into the more loose-control animals terror beats in short time as well as the effects of infecting the influences of bringing the dance arena raving club onto smaller gloomy place - forcing you to dance not sitting down like a stupid and also which slowly injecting every single girls on the room - turning fast from virgins to sluts; thanks to Knife Party and Abandon Ship for it !!!

Abandon Ship: