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Merry Orion's Reign Wish (Brute Force Promotions 2015)


   Slamming for their aggressive but not for cursing the occasion holiday seasons celebrating the birth of dear Mr. Jesus Christ but mostly for making the atmosphere of the warm family gatherings, romantic dinner, backyard barbecue and beer party hard at the nearest local bars exploded in joyful blessings for us to have times for keep rocking hard and fun through the most gorgeous Punk-Rock standard songs like The City Sirens' classic Jingle Bells cover or the more deranged instrumental Thrash Metal melodic of another classic tunes Carol of The Bells which compiled here on this 12 Days of Brute Force album that collecting twelve tracks of the classic Christmas songs being either covers or ripped by these fine newcomers in Punk-Pop/Metalcore sub-genre scene as you wished becoming their command and granted for this end of the year to burning up the colder December with this one that not only carrying trashy metal music but also something else like R n'B pop for your nude girlfriend.
   You shall giving the two thumbs up for the good instrumental cover of God Rest Yer Merry Gentlemen by I The Breather to SKAZA's Last Christmas and more classic Christmas hits like Do You Hear What I Hear ? performed by William Beckett or the creepy version of Silent Night by Erlosung that might giving you more spirits and better feelings after being tortures almost for eleven months by life and bullies in Maryland and the rest of the world.
   The perfect album for completing your gift towards the orphanage smaller kids to taste the real Punk-Rock touches and for once - being sophisticated in smiling hearts watching the burning flame on the fireplace, waiting for Santa coming down the chimney while drinking eggnog and cheap whiskey ...

Cheers and make your Christmas times rolls and rocking !

12 Days of Brute Force: