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Meatslave Steven (Bandcamp 2016)


   Stuck like a bat on a tent must be a reasonable phrase chosen by these Philadephia, Pennsylvania Post-Romantic Punk-Pop and shitty world music performance group baptizing themselves as Mannequin Pussy which concluded by the actual two “pussies” around as the core members of the band and two boys addition as an interracial collaborations for finding the exact noises to play among thus distorted freedom of choice out there. Meet Marisa, Thanasi, Bear and Kaleen whom ejecting themselves as a quartet to elaborates the juggernaut Pop as well as disturbing Punk Rock forms in a crash course collisions through-out the recording album with plain white scared cover entitled as simply as Romantic.
   Sounded just like the bastard daughters of the lesbian relationships from Courtney Love and the retarded version of Veruca Salt in stiff management system team-mates around and you too might finding that these band would offering the atmosphere when you sniffing great smell of pussy via thus fiasco nightmare cursed garden party under the rain hidden on the secret compartment with a wild girl trying to have her first anal actions (no offends !) but that’s what does it feels like in sudden you cranking up this album and let those nasty tracks like Denial, Everything, Emotional High, Pledge and Ten blasting up the kitchen shelves like a poltergeist activities – even your mom will squirting wet after being totally misused by this great shit !