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Lavender On A Hill (Bandcamp 2014)


   Mainly Hip-Hop and US made products - these project of mixing for Old School, Classic Rap, total Rn'B to the little less-Alternative Funk experiences told well onto the recording produced by Pious as one of the most lesser-known names emerging in the middle of Hip-Hop scene among the United States of Rap Music and Black atmosphere contaminating the modern day mainstream lives of many young Americans since Barack Obama fill-in the gap of the White House's presidency seat. The formatting beats of slower but heavy and still carried on the infamous Gangsta Rap influences and some more booty calls or another social issues in the mixed lyrics and rhyming rappin' flows through your stereo within this releasing of NinetySeven that enriched by old mode scratching, middle finger salute and Pop-tapping hotness for the non-record sell private party listening and skin-touching for either interracial or not; you must be aroused and inviting to get down low following the test tracks like Welch's Grape Drink (feat.Honey Du) or Wavy '97 or Golden and Box Cutter's Avenue (prod. Andy Kirby). Pious must be the name you might choose to remember or not - but this parental advisory labeled Rap album probably, would be your fave new choices on instagram or facebook to share !