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Laika Jet Kreen (Bandcamp 2016)


Reaching out and grab what you'd think is the best efforts to ease your frantic minds usning the power-healing of music as perhaps, you might already got your choice made by letting yourself listen to this German's instrumental Prog-Rock, Space moods and tranquility Stoner Rock made flesh through their sophomore new album Semaphora.
   Meet Buddha Sentenza the band from Heidelberg crossing their melodic minded and personal talents for a greater power of good sounds emerging from this recording of themselves as well performed by drummer Jesus Melverde, B.B Blacksheep (guitars, violin), Pontifex Maximus dealing with keyboards and synthesizer, bassist Amnesio Bodega and the second guitarist Major Mayhem felt their amusement feelings and rocketing effective sound adventures through these six tracks such as The End is Coming We'll take it from here to Greek Ancestry.
   Just like the wrestling giants silent fights leaving sparkles of colors not blood from their wounds and the travelling pilgrims being amazed by the powerful displays of Mother Nature's magic - spinning off the planet so we can catching the seasonal changes or not forgetting that the oxygen we breathe would be such a blessing from her generosity - that's why Buddha Sentenza shall always reminding us to reflecting ourselves not as the owner of this blue planet but more to that preserving and protects it from our own harmful-self destructs ...