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Keep Warm Cold Yule (Pop Punk's Not Dead 2012)


   This Pop Punk's Not Dead is a Canadian label regularly highlighted the good and newer Punk-Pop acts in general promotions as well as the time has come for the celebrating the end of the year during the winter holidays with this compilation that craving most of you - the fanatic lovers and listeners of jumping rocks Punk-Pop recordings online and rare for the collections like this great album Santa, I've Given You All My Cookies and Now I'm Nothing which sounded lame and cheesy but once you trying it - even your friends would loving it well.
   The cool listing of favorable themed fits for Christmas with or without mad party or other sinful furor but getting back to nature around the firelight as these several various band names like Double Linead Minority doing their best on the standard Blink 182-likes Ex on Christmas, power-pop anthem off All These Lights with Christmas Wish or the romantic ballad-coustic via Christmas with You from John and Candice or another impressing tone from Mike Lens and The make Believe Band on The Holiday Miracle.
   Hopefully, most of the teenage-kids whose having parental problems and their puberty issues or those santa-dressing up people doing their social duty this year - would finding that Christmas isn't that freaking boring to spend with friends and family as long as you guys found the essential activities along the holiday and great music as the soundtrack.

Merry Merry Pop-Punk for All !

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