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Kash Doll Diss (Self-Released 2016)


   Smacking ass like a drum, talking tricks about how boys trying to slippin’ inside her pants to make her cum but this Chicago-based Rap-Hardcore style singer/rapper with the real name Elisabeth Eden Harris but well-known as CupcakKe as it rhyming with (maybe) bukkake ! still the parental advisory label or the censorshit-ments cannot stopping this big black girl from spitting her words and rhymes through the excited album studio release named Cum Cake; variable within everything that wet, juicy and sensually not suitable for stupid kids trying to be cool – cause this shit for real as an educating sexual format based on the Hip-Hop underground scene science or plainly, just another sarcastic slick record talking too much about how not just tapping the booty but more tricks to come for making more cum not in a hurting ways but flexible and smooth fucking touches that also attached with the sign of once you go black you will never come back, shit.

   Let your private areas feeling relax and calm as the libido boils and your brain talking to itself about nothing but making love either with a dick or a bitch or something new and unnoted on the Kama-Sutra book using these hot tracks like Deepthroat, Expectations, Vagina or Tit for Tat and Juicy Coochie. 

May your had a great time getting wet and stuff !

Cum Cake: