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Jade’s Sin (Brian Cachia Music 2007)


   Within four big characters of the archangels and fallen angels: Sammael, Lilith, Gabriel and Amatiel and the rest of the them fighting each other on the purgatory to whether destroying or saving the few inhabitants left of devastated Earth are the main event for this low-budget Australian movie – Gabriel; that directed by Shane Abess and starring Andy Whitfield, Dwaine Stevenson to Samantha Noble as the last war between heaven and hell would delivering total annihilation to the universe unless Gabriel can leads his archangels army to kill Sammael first after the highest commander Michael died and gone battling him. The story of this supernatural and religiously mystical turned out to be a shocking ridicule when Gabriel found out that the fallen angel that he fought for a quite tentative moment is actually, his own brother Michael whom surprisingly soon after arriving to Earth fall in lust to humans and letting his greed and rebellious thoughts taken over him resulted him to leaving god’s throne and lights to embracing the dark matter force as Sammael. Good story and background facts led this movie to achieving top priority on the Movie Chart after being released; the soundtrack composed by Brian Cachia really sounded creepy and irritating but as the movie goes slower with a reasonable mysteries that would turn your beliefs about angel’s knowledge before this giving the correctness points for the instrumental tracks for the Gabriel soundtracks through The Loft and The Letter or Moloch’s Battle as well as Sean O’Reilly’s generous supplies of atmospheric tracks such as Inside The Funhouse and On The Rooftop. Some might seeing the related love story that changing the course of the archangels mission from the original one to embracing the humanity within them affecting their acts of being fell down the hole named Planet Earth – far from god …

Gabriel Soundtrack: