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Introvert Antifaith (Sanctuary Records 2002)


   Another bastard sons having Phil Anselmo as its bastard dad as you quite well-known before from Pantera's respective legends and the historic book of the Rednecks for marrying their sisters but on this case doing incest for the fucking sake of the rising rebel flag of Southern Metal in general way. Superjoint Ritual would be another side-project for Mr. Anselmo recruiting his buddies like Jimmy Bower from Eyehategod to drummer Joe Fazzio and last but not least for live version shows on bass guitar - Hank Williams III; they're playing the other side-part of Extreme Heavy Metal closer to more Hardcore Punk and Thrash anger suburb tempo with still practice the essential Black Magic touch through out the artworks and the lyrics. The super group must be sounded little less simple than Pantera without their late guitar hero Dimebag while carrying aggressive beats rather than grooves of elegant heavy Metal made of Southland but one or two who loves to have their nose broken and head bled inside the mosh-pit probably would excitingly choosing this band as their favorite while some will kill anything to have the first full studio record from Superjoint Ritual exclusively entitled Use Once and Destroy with so much negativity due to the meaningful of that anti-social album title. Don't trying to find kindness or regular opinion on heavy Metal here on this one - Use Once and Destroy is the first and the last commandments to not loving thy neighbors but erased them up or just buried them deeper within all the hatred blending into a giant ball of stormy Punk-Hardcore Thrashy blasts that would blow up your head like a shotgun; best to avoid this or joining the ritual and never look back cause regrets are for pussies and here on the realm of Phil Anselmo and co. everything is free and obstacles was never meant taking for granted to stop pursuing things you craving the most. On this occasion - music of Heavy Brutal Metal with Southern bad-ass attitudes giving birth to the bastard songs like It Takes No Guts, Fuck Your Enemy, All of Our Lives will get Tired, Drug your love, Stupid Stupid Man, Oblivious Maximus to The Alcoholic.

Finish them - bath in Blood - Amen !

Use Once and Destroy: