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Interwoven Subnets (Swamp Circle 2016)


   Experimenting the abstract sounds on thus type of Electronic sounds via Plunderphonics, Mallsoft, Vaporwave to Pop-instrumental performance really put on our reality blurred alot but Angel Marcloid a/k/a Toad Computers didn't care about how people would easily reacts towards this kinds of experimental formats of music that noticing the essential meaning for Permanent Vacancy recording album which involved by this Chicago,IL music composer, artists and producer through this very rare basic oddities music and exactly, weirder track-titles such as Illegal Operations, Permanent Mask to thus three parts of entitled main track or the opener Reality in two parts.
   One shall capturing the noisy beats or samples being fixed within mixes and sounded strangely legal even so - most of thus performance would really gives you such an annoying game effects (and) truly could broken your stereo-system as well.
   The upside-down and round about volume beats colliding crashes and more meaningless points of trembling forward ecstasy slapping in your face experimentation towards the mysteries of sound and noise might ended up as madness or great licks to your ears - this year end's stormy times as an inappropriate project made by artificial intelligence for the world.

Permanent Vacancy: