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Imprint Shone (Roadrunner Records 2003)


   The second album released by Doubledrive; the Modern Rock group from Atlanta, Georgia might not really interesting to you to follow but perhaps, for some of those who really carving Alternative Rock/Grunge/Modern Rock a lot - this band and this Blue in The Face record soon would capturing the attentions of some more or then, echoing the rocking membrane effects patronized by the vocals similar to Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam to the more edgier Pop sounds or the everlasting atmosphere of Rock Arena re-captures by this sub-genre rising after Grunge dies and Pop continues to ruling after its temporary hibernation back and spawning this type of Rock forms. Doubledrive's members Josh Sattler, Adam Sherman, Troy McLawhorn, Mike Froedge and Donnie Hamby must be trying so hard to make their song composed and lyrics writing not suck as the following tracks might becoming an indicator about how hard these rockers worked their ass off for this second effort but as we can see it - too many quota of band names and million albums around US scene only already making the death trap for any group who didn't really smart enough to seek the creative ways for delivering their Hard Rock and social-concerned ballad music and attractive more fans. One can liking songs like Hollowbody, Freightrain, Evenout to Inside Out but as the selling record fails and the audiences leaving - it's tragic that Doubledrive cannot continuing the music journey due to lack of chances for Blue In The Face album.

If you care a bit - this album could be a reminder of their existence ...

Blue In The Face: