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Heartland Sound (Stick Figure Music 2012)


   From the Southern California and started their first shows as a local venue band in San Diego; the originally a one-man band Reggae-Rock project formed by Scott Woodruff with his likes of Upbeat Reggae, Dub and more fixation of rootsy music of the Caribbean, Stick Figure slowly turning from a solo project to a band that finally consisting the perfect line-up of Kevin Bong (keyboards), Tommy Suliman (bass guitar) and Kevin Offitzer (drums) led by Scott himself on vocals/guitars - released already several good full studio albums and one that we should have in hand probably, this Burial Ground record. Portraying the small dirty alley that we passing through daily in every of our town and cities - an ordinary spot that too simple and dangerous but also can gave inspirations for the song-writing as it's happening to Scott Woodruff and Stick Figure's Burial Ground. Listening to Golden Hour, Hard Drugs, Women of The Night to Rocky Road and Shelter must been a lifetime experiences that most of us might already felt it long time ago or still now;  where poverty, abussive living under the addictions of drugs or the underworld topics from all over the suburbs area tales telling us the different stories about how humans enslaving humans in a modern warfare days. A great concerned issues lifting up here by the band for talking further to the audiences about the messages and the actions after this !

Burial Ground: