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Hard Knocks School (Maverick Records 2000)


   Evolving story about Satan's three sons: Adrian the smartest and wicked one, Cassius the strongest one but dumb and Nicky the youngest kind one that would definitely replacing their dad for enthroned Hell. As the time getting closer for Satan to have his replacement duty choosing Nicky - the most beloved son of him only to make Adrian and Cassius terribly jealous and angry as thus two decided to creating their own Hell on Earth and let some part of Hell freeze over and starts to decomposing Satan's body parts to fell off and scatters one by one. Nicky finally send to Planet Earth to stopping his two malicious evil brothers from destroying the blue planet and Hell as well within all the funny adventures and meeting new friends such as Mr Beefy the talking bulldog, Todd the fake actor, Valerie the art designer whom Nicky then fell in love with and two metal-head fanatics John and Peter helping him side by side to preventing Adrian and Cassius from taking over the world started by conquering Central Park and making it their first terrifying second Hellish kingdom. Plenty funny moments and some weirdy ones stumbled on this super mischievous comedy movie with its excellent soundtrack album V.A Little Nicky - Music from The Motion Picture creatively modern in sounds by using Nu Metal sub-genre powers through several good bands like Disturbed, Linkin Park to Deftones filling up the soundtrack album for your pleasure and Nicky's adventure for saving his dad and the rest of the globe from his evil brothers within Insolence's Natural High, Incubus on Pardon Me, Nothing by Unloco to blasts or (Rock) Superstars anthem courtesy of Cypress Hill respectively would be a good choice to smoking weeds during the weekend - thinking about naked angels and listening to more Rock that rules !!!

* Executively produced by Adam Sandler, Guy Oseary and Michael Dilbeck as they're releasing the goods.