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Gorguss Sylvanic (Sliptrick Records 2016)


   Overgalaxy sounded just like the apocalyptic anthem soundtracks which recorded as an over-heated promises towards the resurrections of what people would calling it as "fiasco remix between Hair Metal and Nu-Rock modernity" that creating the false mutations noise of musical format like this Trieste, Italy Cross-Over band Damned Pilots whose being produced by Ron Goudie (Social Distortion,Stryper, Poison and 45 Grave) with legendary Bill Matoyer as Slayer, W.A.S.P, Trouble, D.R.I) for making these quartet rockers of Sgt. Ote (guitars, vocals), Willer Hz (guitars), Enrico Apostoli (bass) and Don Nutz (drums) switching their engine from normal to warping positions on shows and more shocking targets across the universe as the blasting spacecraft already arming and ready to make destruction to the place they're going to invades. Overgalaxy must be one hell of a metallic recording which didn't sounded normal but also not sucked whole cause the unlimited surprises delivering within it via these tracks: Season of The Ending, Desert Europa, Just Another Day and Hell is Cold.

Ignition begins and the conquest map is wide open for invasions !