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Flash Night (Lavina Music 2012)


   Meet the Ukrainian Synth-Pop or Kyiv to be exact; calling themselves Dazzle Dreams and consisting as a trio of Dmytro Tsyperdyuk (vocals), Serhiy Hera (keyboards) and Greg Ihnaytovych (arranger) as mysteriously creative contributing their unique music within a Classic Modern Trance-Disco mixed with semi-Electronic noise samples onto their own mid-mainstream genre of Pop-Electro. The fourth studio album entitled Diva must be this group's latest export outside the bad weather of civl wars hitting their territory offended by Russia or just being blamed by the international world but luckily, thanks to this - we can actually listening to something groovy and peaceful in a Ukraine native dialect and lyrics wrapped sweetly through Pop culture touch and the audience might really dancing towards these kind of performance off Dazzle Dreams. Maybe you ever got an encounter with a red-haired girl before because that effects might seems to be carried onto the beating sounds compact inside this album Diva with the powerful Eastern-tinged of European Disco-tech midst basses and standard but anonymous surrounding electro-melodies as well through Message, Ethno 1, Indigo or Air of Outro. Not saying that anyone should forgetting the horrific effects of civil war between factions in Ukraine these new millennium but at least - Dazzle Dreams would rubbing us all for keep on hoping and sharing a little bit of truth within happiness and smiles.