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Fateful Drive (Lakeshore Records 2006)


   If you think that baby-sitting children on someone else houses might be one of the lamest job exists then tried to think about it again after you seeing the movie When A Stranger Calls which starring the cutey Camilla Belle as Jill Johnson whom having her bad day of her life after finding her boyfriend’s cheating on her with her best friend as well as the fact that Jill cannot attending her school’s bonfire night because she had to do the baby-sitting job on a remote place owned by The Mandrakis as the couple had to attend a party until quite some time after midnight and she needs to guarding their two children at home so she can use the payment for paying the debt.
   Drove by her dad and arrived at the doctor’s house nearby the lake with its automatic and complete compound and green house; Jill bracing herself to do the job right after being introduced by the owners to Rosa the housekeeper and the kids upstairs. 
   As the movie soundtrack accompanying us through the slow-setting story which begun with the horrendous murder happening on the other side of town as a psychotic killer killed a babysitter and the kids with her when the police are way too late to come. 
   Ignoring her best friend Tiffany away while she came by (and got attack by the infamous phone-caller killer); Jill finding herself being watched and disturb by several prank calls turning vicious and threatening, leaving her scared in doubt about her own safety where the distressed calls to the police office responding the calls as a prick’s work to making fun of her. 
   The situations getting intense and dangerous after the phone-caller slipped inside and kills the housekeeper as the last phone-call mentioned that he wants Jill’s blood spilling all over him. 
   The tracks composed by James Dooley on this album such as 60 Seconds, Stranger, Knock Knock Who’s There ? as well as Have You Checked The Children ? to Curtain Call and Gotcha! would telling us what will happen next if Jill didn’t hang-up the phone. 

OST When A Stranger Calls: