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Expect! Project! (Angry Love Productions 2014)


   The concrete mixes between the collapsing ashes burnt out of Throbbing Gristle is the UK Avant-Garde performance of this Experimental Rock/Pop-Psychedelic/Industrial Goth or an ex-hiatus pieces from New Wave products in a remaking purpose for Modern generation of listeners or audiences led by the remaining members and new additions of the Psychic TV crew - Alice Genese (bass, vocals), Edward O'Dowd (drums, percussion, sampling), Jeff Berner (guitars, effects, producer), Jess Stewart (keyboards), Genese Breyer P-Orridge (lead vocals) to John Wiengarten (piano) or violinist John Jackson; recording their proposal newer record of Snakes and celebrating the decades of experimentation through sounds by reducing a little less amount of thus but still everyone would easily found that the group might irregularly performing its trademark kinds of music even long re-emerging after the new millennium uncertain times.
   Psychic TV must have been collectively living their entire lives for being commitment on put their trust on Avant-Garde format of music and showing right here are the proof of that truth - In Solitude of Memory, Burning The Old Home, Thee Mountaineer and Overdriven Overlord; completed with slow-lowered vocals dwelling the soft insanity and sorrow in a burden bag of bones dragging along the sideways on a lonely asphalt road to nowhere hopes would lost its steps while getting there ...