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Elizabeth My Dear (Jive / Zomba 1988)


   Sweet and sour like the mixing taste of both oranges and limes injecting the brain of every Indie Rock lovers by this proud and popular legendary stars from Manchester as the ultimate pioneers that slowly bring the Indie Pop music becoming the first choice and accepted by public not only for the consumption of the lower class or second-hand kids muggers in the suburb alley. Thank you to The Stone Roses even though they're not lasting long by career but the awakening of rocking Pub-Pop in England after the disappearance of New Wave in the midst of eighties quickly filled in by this new mainstream and commercial music which having their Jangly tones and rich melodies to asking people to sing along or doing the little dance in the street or in the kitchen and everywhere. The fine quartet members whom build the group and performing on this recording vocalist Ian Brown, Mani the bass player, Reni the drummer, backing vocals and pianist with John Squire the guitarist and painter completed the circle for releasing this debut self-titled album on the late eighties era - raising the next evolution of Pop-Rock made of Britain; later shall be called Indie Rock. One might still smelling the heavy influences from The Beatles and Hippie generation taste of Psychedelic on The Stone Roses album and the music that will releasing you from the obeying boredom rules of society to be yourself are attached on the stories to be told through these songs - She Bangs The Drum, I Wanna Be Adore, Waterfall, Bye Bye Badman and Don't Stop; under the radar of conservative thoughts lies the essential new breath of freedom and The Stone Roses just writing them all down to the lyrics and composed the sounds as they're spread out reaching the audiences, breaking walls and uniting the society without class-dividing anymore !

The Stone Roses: