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Drive On Citizens (Warner Music New Zealand 2011)


   If Seattle got its warmth hello from Owl City as the hit single turned to getting famous soon after that; Auckland - New Zealand got its own moniker under the real name of one person Dave Baxter with his stage Alternative Indie group as Avalanche City - the such of wonderful presentation and musical performance which brought here to you within this cute record of him entitled Our New Life Above The Ground. Freeing minds and mesmerizing the listeners imaginative minds for the happy past child-hood or the escaping moments where you and your friends would really appreciates happened in a perfect time when someone needed them the most; remarkably - written and composed here by Dave Baxter using his multi-talents and musical ability not trying to follows the footsteps of similar project like Owl City but had its influences up as well in the Indie Pop and much Folk Rock semi-acoustic melodies captured on these tracks of beauties and smart living: The Streets, Love Love Love, Everybody Knows and Love Don't Leave. A reality of finest escapes through the remote places on the corner of the Earth preserving its beauty and mysteries for someone to come and exploring them.
Avalanche City's Our New Life Above The Ground is a pleasant proof that life's still worthy ...