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Destination Masturbation (Independent 2014)


   Sick humor, skeletons, violent, hatred, anti-social values and pizza perhaps becoming the main choice for the consuming course over humanity that turning day by day to be sucked whole and if you agree with that statement perhaps, then you might considering yourself fit for having The Revnarok - a debut mad album from thus one-man project of Death Metal/Thrash off Sweden formed by the fat long haired maniac musician Joel alias Vargskelethor. The Revnarok is sounded funny, sicko, full of hate or chaotic highlighting the fifty songs about Rev within a question about who the fuck that supposed to be anyway but Vargskelethor seems like didn't care about what public might thinking towards the works that already done pressing as a record within these aggressive explosions of shorter songs as the malfunctioned arts of Extreme Metal music want to slaughtering corruptions and punches the fanatic religious people in the face. Since we blasting the opening songs to Spermbank Robber or Okay Maybe You called it Coke instead whatever, I'll Kick your Face off to Poopface Dumb Ass That's You until the last one on the bottom - Just Kidding You're a Fuckin' Asshole or killing his listeners using chainsaw, flamethrower or dolphins.
   Depending on how pure the Death Metal essence and Thrash Metal influences really contains on this devastating recording on this one - make sure that you will turning out to be not normal or an idiot's crew following this stupid loud band screaming out about Breaking My Butt or I'll create a teleportation device just to punch you in the face out of nowhere !

The Revnarok: