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Deafening Future Howl (Dark.Descent 2013)

   The bombarded of everything related to the branches of Heavy Electro beats genre from what you can call it Doomcore, Darkcore, Technoid, Ambient-Rock, Power Trance or Metal Industrial are all here recorded and put onto one distinctive recording thanks to the Netherlands’ underground label for releasing this package of collective darker sounds over V.A Into the Dark Lands: Follow The White Rabbit double discs which unfortunately aren’t the original portal to Underland that secretly found by Alice as this gates through sounds and things uncertainly violent and broken might changed our Alice into something strangely sensual and arousing as the beats collaboratively shall raping every single girls’ mind and soul while listening to this bombastic album. The colder darker weirder welcoming from the strangest names of performers you’ll never heard before throughout the four corners of the planet before finding this rare compilation record like Raum 107, Starving Insect and Rawbots. The totality of blasting slow-dark and relentless modern projectiles of Electro-metallic sounds from Razor Edge’s Blood Fest, The Man Unknown with 2042, The Peoples Republic of Europe on Decible Dept as well as Cubic Nomad’s Prometheus Attack along with the others shall making you crazy, sexy and nutty than you’ve ever experienced before this. The total fifty empowered tracks are compiled by The Relic as it brought to us the most names unknown from Weisses Rauschen to Threatening Developments or Micro Abete and Synaptic Memories. 

Welcome to your Electro-Worldwide ! 

Into The Dark Lands - Follow The White Rabbit: