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Better Pollution (RLS Records 2009)


   Don’t know what’s triggering the split-up as well as the reasons behind the true meaning of the album title releasing on The Art of Telling Lies y this Falkenberg, Sweden Hair-Metal band Vains of Jenna but one thing for sure that he rockers quartet of Jacki Stone (drums), JP White (bass), Nicki Kin (guitars) and vocalist Jesse Forte emerging from nowhere to rock the boat of Heavy Metal back to the commercial Hard Rock status that used to be crowned upon this genre as this album fried up the roads again, making the comeback revelations of Pop-Metal bands panorama scenery since before the beginning of New Millennium arrived.
   Vains of Jenna giving their confessions behind the giant flyer and leaving Hollywood back to their homeland but never Rock N’ Roll land in their minds; rocking the interested audiences dying for the nxt chapter of Hair-Metal-Pop with tremendous tons of solos and romantic anthems closing by the suicidal or broken-hearted confessions as Refugee along with the rest of the selections of tracks ready to rock you up on Paper Heart, Everybody loves you when you’re dead, Enemy in me or I don’t care. 


The Art of Telling Lies: