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Barbury Corsair (Not On Label 2010)


   Quite fine enough for mastering the touches of essential mixing of the traditional heritage of Neo-Folk, Celtic Rock and Medieval beliefs as they're rooting deeper inside the group's identity; you will find out that The Dolmen is really not just thus ordinary Pagan/Celtic-Folk band like others after you discovered their music onto your own ears - yourself. These Weymouth, Dorset's piece of quartet musicians: Chris Jones the drummer, Josh Elliot (guitars, vocals, lyricist), bassist Kayleigh Marchant, Anja Novotny the multi-instrumentalist/flautist and Taloch (Tony) Jameson as singer and the band founder already becoming a veteran for playing most ly to the every lasts of the semi-Pagan music festivals or other World Music shows in Europe for years - Glastonbury, The Children of Artemis, Elf Fantasy Fair and much more. Go grab their good recordings like for example this Spirits of The Sea album which could be the band's tenth studio recording so far and not only the artworks would satisfied you - the imaginative world lovers but also the songs and the sounds of Progressive Folk and Artistic Pagan/Celts atmosphere shall asking you nicely to dancing naturally with ginger, ale and girls celeberating the Earth's long last breathing into fresher air again after the trembling terrible darker nights to the new founding lights of a perfect embarcing day of one at the last days of December. The forest shall be overjoyed within the party of sacred spells and solemn dance through these tracks of Gaoler, Morgan Bloody Morgan, Drink Me Up Trouble, Shivers Me Timber or Davy's House.

Celebrates, Dance, drink the Beers and Blessed Be !

Spirits of The Sea: