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Astraeus Stairs (Astral Plain Records 2015)


   Made from an idea perhaps, influenced by the mini market robbers or serial killers turned from shoplifters - this Moncton, New Brunswick’s Indie Rock plus Folk-Pop duet of Edward Whelan on guitars and vocals with Jeremy Harnum on drums and vocals; baptizing the project as The Glendas as the group already releasing several good recording projects but the oddly one could be this newer Glenda One album which not only having the strange front cover showing a guy wearing a plastic mask like symbolizing (either) pedophile or just being different from normal people as the lurking evil affections occurred once someone seeing that photo but to be clearly honest – this recording really sounded weirder as you approaching the segments from one title to another (but) nevertheless, also releasing thus acoustic-flicker and good self-written of spontaneous combustion the blends off Folk Rock, Country and Garage Punk wearing a new jacket called Post-Modernism going back to nature’s glitch within some amazing solo organs and faster beat tempos through the Blood Drug, The Dawn has Gone, Dook Dook Dook, Nosferatu Blues and Hot Couture telling the patience audiences that They Live, Man ! Headed out from Bad City to Cabin Fever sounded like the ghost of Sonic Youth minus the distortions.

Glenda One: