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Accident Explained (Columbia 1992)


   Directed by Barbet Schroeder the beginning of the small nightmare for Allison Jones breaking up her engagement with her boyfriend Sam and being manipulated by her boss client Mitchell finding herself on the edge of deeper sadness and stressed out only to concluded the answer way out by having room-mates living together on her apartment within advertises resulting Hedra "Hedy" Carlson stepping up into Allie's life as they become closer friends. One thing Allison didn't know is that her new room-mates girlfriend is a sick psychotic person whom lost her twins in a very young age and having a possessive personality problems as Hedy kept Sam from talking to Allie later as they're trying to comeback to their relationship then not just erasing phone messages but Hedy then kills Allie's pet dog Buddy and then Sam himself after seducing him. Changing her appearances to be looking similar to Allie in her most fashionable ways really turning the suspend thrilling points higher as Allie found out about Hedra's dark past story as it's too late for her to return and rescuing her personal lives. Single White Female is a quite good chilling movie that telling us how alienated life for some people living in New York City can be so thrilling to defend and only the craziest survived. Howard Shore has make a tremendous composing music for the Original motion Picture Soundtrack from the sad moments to when hope rises as new friend shows up to the most suspicious and thrilling ones straight to the top over the conflicts and interests to concluded a sad ending where friendship can easily ended in such a tragic event as we would watch the movie and listening to the background tracks such as Patching Things Up, I've Been Worried Sick/Same Wardrobe ?, Good Advice and Hedy's Moving Out/Off to Graham's as many more instrumental tunes keeping this story rolling between confusions and sinister attitudes - wiser enough to giving you lessons in learn for life in a big city.

Single White Female: