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17.06 Part 2 (Paul Damian Hogan 2016)


   After manage to surviving his test days on surviving project in the middle of a desert as his highly developed invention machinery reactor for transferring dirt and soil into water works well by giving him the long-lasting result at the end of the test really encourages Captain William Stanaforth for making up his mind to be the first person ready on his one way journey mission to the red planet of Mars. A pioneer with a solution – that’s what Billy Stanaforth becomes while on his last minutes before lauching himself to outer space using the Zyphyr rocket with the help of his supervisor in communication command-base Louis “Skinny” Skinner. The potential for not only Scientific but for the dependable existence of the mankind; the trip to Mars for explorations is the biggest important needs indeed and the astronaut venturing to Mars keeps his daily 270 sol to target doing every single thing he needs to and eager to do inside the spaceship – nurturing the plants, perfecting the water transformation reactor to keeping the long-distance communications with planet Earth, NASA via Skinny and the rest of live-recorded questioners from some of the intense audiences. Approaching The Unknown movie must have shown us that even when preparations already manage so right or almost perfect, shitty things do can occurs in minutes or seconds and as the excitements mixed feelings of being amazed, suspense, thrilling or daydreaming following the story, the soundtrack that composed by Paul Damian Hogan would leads us to the forcing door impacts deeper onto the lost of communications or the struck of lonely feeling in the tranquility of the widest limitless space – in three parts. The meeting with another “abandoned” crew of Captain Worsely and Greenstreet on the last space station or the saving of another mission astronaut (female Captain Emily Maddox) from being off the course by Bill Stanaforth until his own reactor project broke down and cannot be fixed really could giving us the haunting questions or thoughts about the very essential thing to do as priority of a human being; staying alive or migrates, surviving the disaster that we ourselves creates to a careless egomaniac pride for being the first advance living species who did our first space expansion towards other planet (and) in this case – send lonely people like Stanaforth to the dying drought planet like Mars. As the mission aborted and cancel and the rebellious Stanaforth keeps pushing himself to finish his impossible mission; things that used to be looking so worse turned slowly to be fixed and getting better as the tele-communication between Zyphyr and Earth restored Stanaforth conducts his own purposes to landing on the red planet luckily, safe. As the story continues to be eternally concluded by the next and the next explorations. Intense and educable for being watched with family; Approaching The Unknown movie really opening our minds to the more images and sparkles that flicker out there on thus silent universe and stars, behind the particles of mysteries and creations made transparent by Mark Elijah Rosenberg as the director …