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Fortune Teller (Bandcamp 2015)


   Emotional Post-Hardcore of five-piece band members - Tony Silva (vocals), Steph Colberston and Dan Anderson on six strings to drummer AJ Tartol and bassist Thomas Terrazas completing the round of band line-up as you shall knowing these San Diego's Emo-rockers as Short Stories that combines their fast Punk-Rock influences with the established tempos on Hardcore mixes with Pop for taking back the place for the lost time which has been left behind in the past and that's how the ideas might came up on composing to recording this released record of Only Time Will Tell that sounded wiser and the you might finding the track-lists also didn't lie too much about how the band's trying to wrote good ensemble of symphonic or melodies for the songs such as My Last Key, Silly Things or Death By A Broken Heart that must be surprisingly amazing to listened to especially for those whom liking bands like Yellow Card or Simple Plan so much shall find the exact pleasure on having this album blasting of the stereo - mending your emotional affections for a brand new tomorrow ...

Only Time Will Tell:

Stratus Grow (Western Vinyl 2016)


From Orcas Island as being told by herself - the American composer, singer and musician Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith whom moving to Los Angeles later as "one of the most magical peaceful place in the world" which the background lives authentically, influencing her next ideas of mind while making or composing music from the dense jungle fever beats to woodwind or synthesizers and gentle ecstatic windy whispers vocals and slow-beats of Electronic experiments for her own reflective points of living as it affected the audience as well. Through Ears the recording album; Ms. Kaitlyn taking our hand as she walks us right to the steep down of hidden way where melodic sounds still breathing its harmony purely not contaminated by hate or greed from the surface like a wondering world of her own reveals to the small trusted people as we taste the essential nature's breast-milk via the short-circuits of noise remake as good soft sounds on Wetlands or First Flight and onto the last track Existence in The Unfurling.

From somewhere beyond the place on the Northern region of Washington State to the remote quiet beach-side in California; the magic flies and circling the mystery of a smile in life within melodies.


Angela Meets Plissken (Bandcamp 2013)


Hola From Monterrey, Mexico and Dante is the man's name but you shall recognizing him as Vestron Vulture as the cinematic medium Electro-beats swollen bigger through the recording composed music of this man himself dedicated widely for any Horror or suspend genre with a little bit of Slasher taste in every Lo-Fi and New Wave sounds perfectly forged on the full loaded Director's Cut album. You need no further answer as the front cover already showing the wierd huge poster of Teenage Wolfman ready to bite and leaving curses scars upon anyone whom listening carefully to this tracks like Krueger Disco, Elizabeth Shaw or Hypnocil but rather than stopping for just an anthem of Horror/Suspend filmography music; one shall keep on following the darker alley filled with hoarmony odd noises and samples mad by the synthesizers by the Electronic Music Composer code name: Dante and right here the story might ended for some unlucky Disco-Heads cause the danger lurking and patiently awaits for its victim under the darker corner as everybody dance slower and didn't quite notice about it. The easy enjoyable from Vestron Vulture's locker shall inhabits your day and night even after the beats off hours later - enclosing the alphabets around curses used before by evil once. 

Be careful what you wished for next year ...

Director's Cut:

Orange Dandelion Red (Run For Cover Records 2016)


   A combination of Grunge and sweet Jangle-Pop distortion in soft products may very interesting still to watch or listen while others turning their path towards more modern sounds; these Ann Arbor, MI band Pity Sex delivering to us their White Hot Moon album that carries back the insensitive touches on how simple the music around Rock genre used to be made and the limited members here including Sean St. Charles, Brennan Greaves, Brandan Pierce, Britty Drake and Anthony Heubel have painted the colors in lighter choices - bringing the melodies and non-torturing licks towards our mind and in our face as a kiss goodnight for happiness questionable through Bonhomie, September, Burden Me or Nothing Rips Through Me means that the simplicity still alive in the Southern part above Midwest as we thankful for this performance from Pity Sex ...

White Hot Moon:

FATEality Sore (Bandcamp 2015)

   There’s no real genre to describing about how deep Kxngs music really sounded alike but if you trying to listen harder enough then one might subscribes the strong current flows of mixing between Meth-Hip Hop and Gangsta Ambient to another branches of Dub blending with Rap formats which is totally is very confusing, dark, heavy and on the same time – amusing. Just like the Goth-Rap forming its way for another modern-based music for the new millennium on freestyle without vocals; this album WillPOWER is strangely cold but having plenty rich beats following the composed tracks like Watching Myself, Darkness, Real Money and Star Power among others and that’s why you will liking Kxngs even though this UK’s Alternative Bass Hip-Hop acts aren’t surely well-known to some until now. 

   Deal the cards but you know that Kxngs already got the ace cause WillPOWER is an album produced by him and the sound actually, freaking great ! 


Brock Needs Get Laid (Bandcamp 2016)

Just like the anti-Donald Trump gaming to supports the fight against the next number one president in the free world FTL Crew joining forces once again for their dilated musical which confronting the alliance of gamers community to exactly following them or just listening to this one hell of a shitty recording mixes filled up itself with the combinations of various noise sample, synthesizer and midi of 8-bits trauma that you used to hear through the console of popular game machine since the technology taken over the children’s realm on the early eighties. The instrumental tracks with funny titles are compiled here on the recording release called President Trump Declares War on The Mushroom Kingdom might really means a lot to say or thinking of but not necessarily being too damn serious cause FTL Crew is only having their good time for creativity as well as the dirty dirty thoughts still being a good signs for indicating that the group or project didn’t infected by some kind of stupidity or other bad purposes towards the audiences for bombing white house or something; relaxing and enjoy the music so silly that you shall smiling or do the little silly dancing while having How Can I Feel The Sunshine if I Can’t Fell My Face ? as a rhetoric silly question or I Think Ash is Gonna Do It This Year, Deep Semen Diving and Pussy Pink like Kirby to I Once Jerked off to Anime probably, sounded hilarious but anyway this is purely just for fun like thus short comedy videos on a plane ! 

FTL Crew music:

Beatapril Pacman (Kapa Records 2013)

While not joining the Galactic battle around Endor or following the path of Skywalker’s Jedi Force and Han Solo’s funny talks ; these furry small creatures known as EWOK actually can also making music like you never imagine before. No of course this is not those Ewoks from the last episode of The Return of The Jedi but more about a group of trio playing their massive Electronic Music as an alternative for something else within beats and they’re coming from Slovenia as Miha Sajina, Milan Jerkic and Luka Kuhar; releasing this recording named No Time but the truth that these guys really had all the time in the world for sharing the music and asking people to dance not only like a traditional dance from the moon of Endor but any kinds of style you wanted can be fixed to mix for this type of suburban culture Trance which sounded light, thrashy and compatible as the computerized thoughts taken over our daily lives in a snatch. Go faded but never faking it cause you might be having your dancing night of your life; doing things freely and let the music taking control like back to the past for the early eighties era clubbing with Are You Ready, Street Lights, No Kick Party and Finacolada. 

When in Rome, try not to talk too much especially with your mouth full of something; just dance the night away with EWOK – it’s real fun ! 

No Time:

The Clearing (Meltface Records 2011)


Begin with the fourteen minutes more of the Progressive sounds on The Fear above the band’s Post-Metal/Sludge made local as the lesser-known name of Evil Bebos off their hometown Nashville, TN combines the Psychedelic news, confusing components and heavy materials to be forged into the fire cauldron of ambiguity technique styling for music instruments played by the bands: Chris Click (bass,vocals), Jeff Ehlinger (drums), Devin Lamp (synth, noise, vocals), Rob McKinney (acoustic guitars, vocals) and Corey Taylor (guitar, vocals) continuing their epic journey of sounds through The Severed and The Depths which is disguising as another fourteen minutes more track over six songs recorded on this album – The Stranger. The characterized artworks displaying blurry tales from the other side of dimension with scary creatures and tortured souls in figures background by desert and pale environments perhaps, imagining how Earth would become in several years ahead after mankind destroying everything on it and leave to migrate.
   An exact album for reflecting the total destruction of a place once like a paradise but devastates by the greed of its inhabitant. 

The story that actually, so familiar creepy to us … 

The Stranger:

Weakest Buzzards (Love + Mercy/Chapter Music 2010)


Did New Age spawning its newest newborn in Melbourne ? Please, answering this quite surely - when you already found out about the group Pikelet whom consisting of Evelyn Morris, Janita Foley, Peter Bramley and Carla Ori singing their composed music of so called a New New Age sounds that obviously contacting the essential influences back then where modern Alternative Pop met its path within the non-prospect older calm music such as New Age at the Pagan conventional center somewhere. Beautiful and encouraging in their softer slow-motion sweeter compositions made well through the explorations of musical instruments and via this quiet album - Stem; the band looks trying harder to compromising their traditional dreams and style for a wider international market but still keeping the blessing fictional taste of harmony based on the New Age and World Music generally, good and prospective as the girlish vocals and semi-acoustic taste would hypnotizing you in a minute or two; sending those imaginations spreading out and reaches it finest moment in time spending music hours for Pillowcastle and Smithereens or so.

Thanking our Australian music society for this !

Pikelet's Stem:

Erase & Adapt (Fysisk Format 2016)


New way for destroying your stereo system would be having a new ideas of method in combining the most aggressive music ever exist in the world and give them a good try-out as for this problems you might finding the solution through the darker form of blending Black Metal and Hardcore made by this Oslo, Norway group calling themselves Sibiir as they're consisting of Jimmy Nymoen (vocals), Tobias Gausemel Backe and Steffen Gronnenberg on shredding, bassist Kent Nordii and drummer Eivind Kjolstad; blasting chords and slashing riffs towards their anti-popular mindset and endless massive burst for destruction using the damaging lyrics and mid-tempo or faster tidal waves sounds to infecting you all into a head-banger mosh-pit on hellish Earth by releasing this debut full self-titled album. Feel afraid and scared for not liking this kind of sub-genre music cause they're coming not to be your friends but enemies especially for those whom faking lives by being in lovely kindness good as the format of this band substracks Silence The Seagull, The Spiral, Beat Them to Death and Apathic for the normal society fell into infinite gap of evil bad versus fucking good people to be buried deep.


Lotus Gravity (Bandcamp 2016)


   Winter Chill perhaps, would definitely sounded like the greetings you ever wanted to taste during your holiday travelling hours going to visit remote places or special spots around the unmapping global where finally, you and your friends found the piece of peace there as this recording compilations of instrumental jingles-like for vast travel-road measurement really could giving you that sensational feelings. Sunbathing or afternoon breeze under the roof of a cabin without any fever but joy inside the hearts; probably - can be caught by this offers from Samwise: a gently unit or project or even a composer from Kissimmee, Florida whom brings these Hip-Hop with Lo-Fi influence, soft beats and warmth natural effects into the music and sharing them with the valuable listeners whom catching a moment as they're lucky enough for having the album from elsewhere on the net or by someone. One will feeling like being fly-out to several remote places that they're never been before like Honolulu or even further unspoken to enjoying the casts of light and Mother nature's kindness beauty through tracklisting songs like Mist, Night Joint, Winter Cold, Sunbather and Ocean Floor.
   Free yourself this long holiday for another different mix of music that care for you and the surroundings as the chosen one would be Winter Chill album - the ultimate silent escapes for anyone who restlessly dying to be anywhere but here where they're feeling unwanted or outcasts.

A perfect bond between modern beats and social life in one disc.

Samwise's Winter Chill:

Nozaroc (Bandcamp 2015)


A Cult Shit Media Blackout from the Philippines must be so proud for having this shares of another conversion from James "Brucher" Ocampo - a guitarist of a Post-Hardcore band, a visioner for Industrial synths methods that shading the influences over Deftones on most of the toning tracks releases with this one particular format here (on code) CSR037: I Thought Maybe armed by seven songs recorded with the style of 8-bits or gaming mode samples but too dark for acknowledge as a Pop turning satyr through the essential instrumental tracks of Beautiful Sadness which holding the line between Drum n' Bass, Dubstep and Electro tempo or Avernim Hates that carrying the simple monotone sorrow on it very well. Known with several aliases; James here turned out to be A-Reb-Reg as one unit project of man mixing the living reality with imaginable Electronic Music for sharing to us the other side of powerful slow-driven banging sound kept well-preserved by this guy as he blending his own talents and ideas for a wider gap against happiness and left behind the modern mainstream demands to himself through Plunderphonic rhythms and pixels breath.

Save the Panda bear by listening to this record or don't ...

I Thought Maybe:

Spine Tangler (Bandcamp 2010)


   Consisting only the drummer of Baby Teeth’s Peter Andreadis as solo-project called All City Affairs productively releasing much albums like this one via online – A Healthy Dose with its Pop-Rock and Hip-Hop radiations really caught your attentions instantly like a bee-stung once you heard the soulful sounds declares by it.

   Power-toning beats and groovy Funk-Pop fills the room as smooth songs like A Certain Magic or Away We Go or Ram Jam or even David Lynch crossing the path not far from your seats; sending the harmony beats seducing your libido to boils harder as sexual temptations conquering your mind and body as one. 

   Salvation's Army might be fully booked these days as poverty rates are getting higher for possibilities of many unfortunate common people fell into the same hole these years when most of thus fast-food breeding spots bigger and greedy than ever but this album might giving some of the relativity facts not hoax stories to listening by ours for a good time thoughts on groovy beats ...

A Healthy Dose:

In Charge (Bandcamp 2014)


   The recording compilations release of gaming soundtrack ideas that would making your children become madly in love with this record released by TryHardNinja the Californian singer/composer of music genius enough for “crafting” his ability on creating these awesome music special gifted for fanatic gamers only but people in general can also enjoying the type of Synth-Pop and DanceElectro and lighter beats compiled on the second album from him – Pick a Universe that tremendously bursting the best efforts you ever heard through Electro-Pop genre since Owl City exist as amazing cool precision of harmonies and medium beat for dancing and friendly tones as the atmosphere changes only by press play the music to your stereo or console and listen to those World Music mixing on Find The Pieces, Gamer Girl Love Song, All Nighter or Boxes and Stone.

Like your children's gaming dreams come true this year !!!

Pick a Universe:

Piggy Worms (Prophecy Productions 2015)


   One might loving how Duncan Patterson (ex-member of Anathema) whom later joining force with Mick Moss, forming this melancholic Progressive Doom-Metal as their new product and naming it Antimatter must be reasonable and heavily sounded artistic as the performance particularly throwing essential materials which would making you standing up and giving much applause for what this duo already did through their talents for composing music. The romantic atmosphere and slow-moods of medium magic form of Rock elegantly presented on this releasing of them - The Judas Table as the plenty tracks inside it non-arguably anymore for the audiences as masterpieces on how UK's Doom Prog-Metal surprisingly getting healthier because of the reasons like this; with either the melodious solid rhythmic life-band ensemble or the amazing jams or maybe perhaps, the crispy vocals and not forgetting to mentions must be the sounds calibrated towards songs of Stillborn Empires, Comrades and Killer which shall capturing your interest and imaginations as the album continues to play to the last song entering its fading moments.

   As the quality of Antimatter's keys mastery, six strings power and drumming or bass rhythms bursting in between hard music to the acoustic reflections on the Prog-Rock influences led your focus closer to the edge where crossing the border of music for this band means a new promising land ...

The Judas Table:

The Herd (Bandcamp 2016)


   Too fast and too soon to be (in)famous but actually, the real story about this UK Hardcore/Punk Rock that sometimes keeps you imagining about those racist Skin-heads organization re-grouping and make themselves a band of a festivity shows while the music comes out very annoying loud like endless protesters lyrics from the PA's or the rest of the Pogo-dancers and Mosh-Pit guardians seems to liking on killing each other inside the terrorizing tidal-center where politics and economy motives doesn't really mean an important thing but the brotherhood of man or the superiority of a race. The Flex might leaving their marks on aggressive music and loud faster tempos like destructive ideology for the left-behind generations angry for the lack of working-fields and domestic market for self-employing after being taken abroad by foreign minister policy and lost their opportunity to immigrants as the conclusion of hatred made flesh through violence and notorious music; one would finding most of it here on Live From The Pain Cave.
   The Boots (vocals), Foxy Bingo (guitars), The Egg Man (guitars), Bones (bass) and Pimdog (drums) seemed didn't like it to talk too much but letting their blaster music do the uncompromising deductive approaches on the desperate society of the youth - ready to combating the injustice and reclaiming back what's them followed by the anthems of Virtual Reality, Life Balance, Back For More, We Don't Need You or Waste My Time that should be watched carefully for the chain-reaction effects after hitting the social media market.

Sounded like the imbalance merger between Discharge and GBH - Fucking Aggressive !

Live From The Pain Cave:

Land Face Buzz (Maximum Ames Records 2013)


Half-part of sad Alternative Pop and more comes the exhibits of Folk-chestra strings and seasonal harmony of deprived feelings looking the Spring comes as the first pollen flies and the last icy snow melts somewhere around the top mountains and higher places is where you beginning to got the look first for this Des Moines, Iowa's Experimental Pop-Indie group Gloom Balloon consisting of Patrick Tape Fleming on words, vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, keys, electronics, tape loops, manipulations, synthesizers and mellotron with Chris Ford doing piano, vocals, gated drums or finger snaps to H.D Harmsen on string arrangements, conducting, bass guitar and inject electric guitar and also not to be forgotten the additional players for this recording You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Disaster/Fix The Sunshine (An Ode for Bill Doss) pts 1-7 like tenor saxophonist Donny Peterson, Macy Gacke the conversation girl or Paul Virgilio (violin) and Ashley Tape Fleming. As the composing weirdness and oddity musical symphonies captures on the album completely with the lyrics and unpopular bag of tricks kept on thus public generated songs of simple praising on life and the obstacle surrounds it on Chanteuse Raison D'etre that emotionally softer serious or A California demise through Bloodshot Eyes to Goodbye Wren; serving the magnificent colliding of World Music, Traditional form of influencing beats as well as the three chords or acoustic mixed with cinnamon smells over the air sometimes before Summer hypnotizing our ears through gladness ...

Gloom Balloon:

Revolution D-Code (Dynamica 1993)


   Totally using insanity per bit seconds towards the blasting Industrial Music countdown marking the sounds over this album release by London's group Cubanate which formed long time ago off these quartet Marc Heal, Graham Rayner, Phil Barry and Steve Etheridge just like drawing the door for you the audiences to coming through this new dimension of the power mixing of noise totem made by the band experimentally non-mainstream at the moment which mostly caught the interest of gamers, hackers and computer addicts for praising this kind of sub-genre culture that influencing the stereotype since the early to the late nineties; Antimatter album must be a debut record which prelude the beginning about how Cubanate being known to the world - as the smart choices of samples and synths tempos blending the excessive Electro-noise with Rock machine leading the new format of the real outsider of underground marks for the society caught by fear and the loose-cannon technology as the situation above Earth didn't quite getting well with a hole of Ozone layer being tore apart over pollutants to the starvation among third world nations really put the gap on the line shown by these tracks of misfortune beats that collecting sorrow and crazy thoughts in a bowl of bargain resulting - Body Burn, Exert/Disorder, Sucker, Junky as well as Forceful.
   One not going to missed them cranking the online cyber-war just like a knife within two sharp on both sides ...


Fuck It Up Hard (Stomp Records 2011)


   The Montreal Music Media used to calling this project a reptoid Punk Illuminati sounds from whom which might didn't concern at all about it and leaving an ugly name like The BCASA ruling its own world as the Punk/Hardcore/Garage sounds combination shall always be a trend among nothing because after all - music must be the trick you loved to creates for the good quality on yourself to prove. This only album release from The BCASA's Bateman Begins must be a fun anthem for admiring Mr. Bateman or just mocking him as it depends; the terror of muzak-sonic sounds and monotone noise specially made for urban crack party in the alley or the basement drunken night on Tuesday for the militant losers and Punk-heads unite using this record as the international proclamations about the independence life away from consumerism or commercial stages - the songs of power to fight the system of making men greedy are here on Cowabunga Dude, Mortal Kombat, Air Jordan (Air Force One Fusion), Karate, Batman, Die Hard to Gotta Get A Phonecell; really a reality that must been facing by us towards how pathetically greedy our lives already contaminates by free-market bullshit tricks !

Stop using their system now ...

Bateman Begins:

Aganigi Naganigi (Bandcamp 2014)


   Post Swagging Hip-Hop and Gangsta popular beats with a touches of more enriched various samplings and medium basic mixing that could making your backyard sweaty party becomes more and more raw with every-single girls dancing in slow-motions while the men, all in full power trying so hard to proving themselves that they're superb enough back there and in bed as this superior recording release from the Salzburg, Austria - Young Krillin whom might looking not too delighted best by passion but actually, had much better talents than your big mouthed bros or hoes in the neighborhood for creating the great and hot stuff even though we will have to calling him a Jedi Knight of Hip-Hop Europe in a wheel chair for a quite very good reason as well and another proving recording is this Feel Me B4 Dey Kill Me.
   Loose ourselves doing the body-dance of the masses influencing by thus songs of powerful grooves and Gangsta beats through 1 Berg Money Feat. Yung Hurn (Prod. Yvng), UIUIUIUIUI (Prod by Zaytoven), Wybro feat. Bling Bling Pohli (prod.MJNichols), Nierenstein (prod. OP) and more to come via the lyrics and beat flown mantra made by this Austrian Rap Hawking God for ya.

Bring The Music in, Baby ...

Feel Me B4 Dey Kill Me:

Pas Toute Ma Tete (L'Ecurie Musique 2012)


Punk-Rock Pop local sprinkles made of Montreal, Canada with more Canaduh-Frenchy taste founded by Thierry Hivon and Simon Deshaies but established later as a trio after the band recruits Antoine Legault and using their three chords music format for keeping the spirits of Punk alive around Montreal urban area and for kicking out the permanent lame rules that bounds everyone from being creatively free as the band pushing on their ability in music and writing more songs in French as we now finally see the effort being displayed here through Brutal Cherie's album of Cours ou Creve; an album that praising Punk-Rock but nevertheless not really dragging too much Pop on it - must be a perfect sounds that making this small band sounded a bit like British band with French-Canadians contamination language basic as well the rocking tracks shall giving you a glimpse of their stories written like anthem through Rien vu de Pire, Trop Souvent Envie de Mourir, Trois et Demi all along to Baby Bebe! or Encore La that backgrounding your interest for opening your dictionary or just sitting by and listen as your eyes keep on looking on that lovely lady liberty smiling like Black Widow on the front cover side !

Cours ou Creve:

Shippo Forest Spirit (Independent 2013)


   Make it like no other did as the Stony Brook, NY's drummer Max Reff recording his own Black Metal project using the moniker of Prevenge not to be confused with another same name from different genre here but you know there's something deeply wrong with the debut record Flying Fox that having a little bit sweeter front cover photography, soft piano opening track of Vulpes Lagopus as the story goes for this Atmospheric Black Metal one-man project continues just like the usual raw and independent common form where one dwelling under the dark abandoned house for crack-addicts drowning as their own freedom sold out to the addiction like Max to his experimental Black Metal experience. From The Golden Crown with four points thirty-nine seconds to the seven minutes plus one second on Sleep might letting you know that the hiatus sorrow led to emptiness has brought this recording towards re-surfacing the druggy fatal of Black Metal forms to camouflage under the term of relevant album with interesting artwork but kept the real face behind the mask that almost look alike an Alternative Music for modern stupid people ...

Flying Fox:

Pillow Head Cherry (Kompakt 2012)


Pleasing to meet the Danish Experimental Synth-Pop trio even when you ever hardly heard about them because the music they make is pronouncing clearly as closer to Pop culture in general and might easily affecting your brain in instant; as Jeppe Kjellberg the guitarist, singer and bass player Thomas Hoffding and drummer Tomas Barfod not sounded too similar like Wham or something too darn poppy but the group whom calling themselves WhoMadeWho honestly made their own popularity depending on their own demands while the creativity on music really can be sense smartly effective for the trio to continuing their career of writing music and composing tracks without copying too much about other success stories but their own to clarified right here on WhoMadeWho's New Wave-basic, Punk-Indie/Pop Sneeks/Synth-Rock with elements that inviting you the listeners to dance via Brighter; an album that rules by the color pink means sweeter but little bit deadly but not too poisoning to swallow and finding the most reliable tracks inside it must be too easy where most of the songs like Greyhound, Running Man, The Sun, Fireman or Skinny Dipping telling us about those boring themes or characters that somehow in the mean time would giving us such a contemplating views in an unpredictable moments where no one's there for you ...

This band needs to be a little bit popular after getting Brighter known pretty well.


Broken Cold Angel (Razar Ice Records 2006)


   The truth reveals that this band actually, formed to honoring the front-woman Lady Godyva as the Godyva the Gothic-Metal band from Bari, Apulia may gracing their edgy slower tones which ready to tearing your eyes with little bit of tears where the lyrics of broken-romance and lost love gratefully being the temporary resting place or stepping stones for most of the members added here by the Lady herself as a band: keyboardist Botys Beezart or Enyo behind the skins to the group's guitarist Frahn whom totally affected by themselves for giving the rest sorrow connections towards this debut album touch as Godyva might haunting your ears with the slightest rocking or more softer creepy one attempts did infamously through their Gothic-Rock/Symphonic Metal/Alternative Gloom music that might creating scars beyond scarring wound after wounds made into reality as the Italian beauty woman singing her voice out using thus clever medium tempos carried onto the songs such as Lovable Sin, Flame Flower, Aisthesis to Soul Desert and you shall definitely fell into the arms of Godyva's record - In Good and Evil ...

Wait for the hypnotizing kiss of the night before your body begin to rot under the scents of poisoned red roses ...

In Good and Evil:

Virgilian Apollyon (Polyvinyl Record Company 2015)


   Bassem Sabry, Last Rites at The Jane Hotel Video or more uniquely folded music which intensively showing us the great influences of Indie Rock on these monarch sounds off the Athens, GA group's Of Montreal cause whether they're lying about where they're coming from before and after; we already sense that the grilled smells on this band performance really would capturing most of the Indie lovers whom longing for listening another great music like this one. Of Montreal backing-up their presence within amazing harmony vocals, Pop-Renaissance tinged tunes as well as the tactics for letting heard as like they're coming to US from London or not - who knows. Seasoning platters symphonies carried through the bands talented members like Kevin Barnes the lead singer and guitarist, BobParins (bass, clarinet) to Jojo Glidewell the synths/keyboardist or Clayton Rychlik - a drummer and multi-instrumentalist recording their album number thirteen: Aureate Gloom which plunged easily into the category of Jangle-Pop, Indie-Pop or any Alternative for buzzing music to this more harmonic tense form. One would gliding their wings and hopes for the best as the tracks like Empyrean Abbatoir or Aluminum Crown sounded trying to show the world tricks on your sights - may the eccentric rock music might liberates us from stupidity builds by rulers.

Let's subtracting the Oh, Ooh's ...

Aureate Gloom: