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Zaat Lowly (Mute 2012)


   Due to the passing history over the groups that they’re used to joining before either Martin L Gore from Depeche Mode and Vince Clarke the ex-Erasure and Yazoo build the new alliance over an Electronic-Pop experimental duo under the alias of VCMG (stands for Voltage Control Modulation Generator is just like sleeping with the lights on and the eyes open while thus Techno-Electro instrumentalist beats guarding your needs for stylized sounds of Modern Music originals from England.

    VCMG’s Ssss album might be the non-commercial recording not only for the colorful snake figures ready to bite you within the calculated beats that could pushing you to dance and beg for more by the Skip This Track, Spock, Windup Robot, Bandy Bass and Flux. 

The right place for the world music stopping-spot this way please.