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Writhers Endlessly (Projekt 2008)


   Seems like the November coming fire after the last dry leaves fallen to Earth giving the new meaning of sanctity to the surroundings again since we all know that the vacuum space for an Electronic Ethereal Darkwave turning to Dream Pop breeze cooling down the heat within the sweetest slow shoegazing Goth music influences raising the newborn peace from beneath the soil as the world sounded to turning new again by the beautiful blonde ode to the fall seasons.
   The air and the thin mists reflecting the silent but not dangerous but blessed - thank you to Autumn’s Grey Solace the duo from S. Augustine, Florida sending out their harmony of melodies creations through an album Ablaze; changing the sadness and tears into a little smile for you and the rest of the audiences while enjoying thus rainy Pop-bracing of the angelic vocals from the lyricist Erin Welton and the good  friendly soft tones from Scott Ferrell performing his guitars and other musical instruments which seems like lasted forever. 
   One can taste the invisible reflections from the past or the near future in between the life-longing and hallucinated tracks on this record such as Eternal Light to The Moon Nocturnal, Imaginary Grey or Into The Stream and Fluttermouth. 
   Just going to catching your attentions witin the remembrance of the fairytale-side of The traditional version of The Cranberries or The Celtic Women recordings when everything shut down but the stereo playing these duo in advance great expectation.