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Wind Whispers (Independent 2015)


   Tales of Our Times must be one of the EP album out there that exceeding the glorious mixing off Dream Theater with more melodic and heavier sounds made well by the double scream-ager Metal heads Aggelos on guitars and Panos on vocals and bass guitar; as these Athens, Attica Progressive and Melodious Death Metal project baptizing themselves as Aetherian releasing this extended play of mini album entitled Tales of Out Times as they're writing down the lyrics and themes about sadness, corruptions of human souls, inner conflict or nature in general within the lights and dark relationships in between the bridges of instrumentalist music, growling vocals, standard Gothic and harmony Metal combining into one big wave you can really called artistic heavy sounds or Extreme Metal ruling by arts in such plenty percentages giving this band or project more and more thumbs up and media interests to sending compliments to them. As the journey begins, you will be taken by Aetherian within the longer Prog-Metal tracks coated extremely death atmosphere crossing the natural ingredients blasting form the inner-side of thus tracks from As Seasons Pass to For Those About to Fall just like the self-directed past memories being told as stories using Dreary Voices.