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Venom Vice Valor (Rocketstar 2006)

People will always asking you about the loud music that you listening to whether the vocalist does only screaming louder or the metallic music sounded overloaded and blasting the glass to break them in a hard way same like when one decided to cracking this album from a band that did some of the mixed of Groove/Thrash and Hardcore upon awesome heavy riffs and crushing melodic metal music storming influences onto their Southern heritage named Hell Promise with this Aim For Hell the album that will answering those stupid questions up there by stupid people in a loud bang, making their ears bleeding. With the background of doomed desert place as the super powerful spirit of destruction already arrived to punishing us all where’s there will be no more living but death eternal then – the aggressive tracks from the band like Brass Knuckle Nightmare, The New Blackeath, Vengeance, Black Winter and Upon The Mouth of Thieves really describing the non-solution for mankind anymore, on that particular day ! 

Hell Promise: