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The Hankering (Bandcamp 2016)


   The Parisienne can really creating something simple, good and weird as we never expected to come across the reflections on the strange mirror by the font-side cover album from a quartet of independent Heavy Rock group called Vagabond and their releasing of a mini album Hiraeth.   Producing by Julien Monge and mixed by Vincenzo De Marinis within the extended non-standard blending of Post Rock, Desert Rock, Psychedelic and Stoner Rock for Pop pleasures on the apprentice music lovers dying to have after attracted by the strangest symbolized of mutual symbioses describing by Vagabond through the artwork design on their EP record by Dabulga; the telepathy communications between two world limited by invisible walls for understanding purpose or Done without further exceptional progress but the tracks which non-solid, non-sugar added and condensed ionosphere of noisy Art-Rock format applying through either Naked Ground, Missing Heart or Hurricane - much similar like you listening to Siouxie's modern Goth-Rock band by having Kathleen hannah on vocals.
   One shall finding that these songs and music are separately parts soft, parts chaotic like a lost key for completing our evolutionary gene sequences.