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Templars Ritual (Blackest Rainbow 2011)


   Eerie and closer to the most borderline between Atmospheric Drone, Experimental Rock and Folk Psychedelic using much elements of both Lo-fi Ambient or Post-Rock resolutions made quietly by these French duet known as Natural Snow Buildings with the enchanting magic touches composed by Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte; playing the classified technique of secret music ideas influenced by the non-profit art afar from the mainstream in lower budget but priceless within their sounds.
   Chants of Niflheim the album got its own two separated but connects within each other in separately more than twenty minutes in durations. 

   Both duet relying themselves as musicians and talents mixed into a pure madness of Psychedelic experimental music for confusing your minds while listening to them. H. Schudder is the longest track on the record; with the length duration of almost eignteen minutes or more – it would definitely be the proof of Neofolk music as your soundtrack before the eternal sleep on the bed of nails …

Chants of Neflheim: