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Teknopolis (Self-Released 2015)


Blasting louder and chaotic but consistency by its sweetness influences of LoliPop-Core that the remixes project called Napkin Terrorizer from Chiba, Japan would not easily sounded very well deserved to letting people dance intimately but behind the awkward crusty Hardcore mixes with violent sexual images or animations as the duo of Kitaro (programming) and napuko (producing) really meant to be combined their skills on mixing as the music sounded like a retard recording that had malfunctions on its programs like the unusual beat-like Techno-House colliding with Heavy Metal or Dubstep as the latest issue for this group still looking uncertain.
Your ears would be easily bleeding for kept listening to these ass-holes doing their sets by giving their experimental music would definitely destroying the stereo system onto then, your nerve system like shrinking marsh mellow in a plastic bag.
Such a coincidence that Napkin Terrorizer brough to you the latest sounds explored by them.
Kamogama gets Hype would secretly influenced by the vast changing on the economy sector brought back the white-gates’ scandals or Downloading is magical deeds of Love.

Other pasting Breakcore/ Chiptune tracks noted inside including: Shinkiba rocks yurakucho line, Step by step she appear in the V-cinema and Uki gets Hyped.

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